All is Night Now

Directed by
Paco de la Zaranda
Written by
Eusebio Calonge
New Toga Sanbo
Sep. 20(Fri)21:00
Sep. 21(Sat)13:30
80 minutes

La Zaranda (Spain)

Paco de la Zaranda(Spain)

La Zaranda was founded in 1978, when Spain was transforming into a democratic country after the collapse of its military dictatorship. The founding members met and decided to condense all their experiences into a working plan. They took as their premise "making a journey", with the goal of taking theatre to the crossroads where drama and life come together, making no concessions to academic, 'dead' theatre or to false avant-gardes and their shallow, boring modernity. Since its founding forty years ago, La Zaranda has sought to go beyond the cliché and continue searching and developing a style of permanent transition. They have been invited to present their intensely creative work at theatre festivals in many countries.

All is Night Now
All is Night Now
All is Night Now